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Boeing, Rer Hydro To Provide Quebec With Hydrokinetic Power

11, 2013, 10:12 a.m. EST Media Advisory-Quebec Charter Misses Institutional Religious Favouritism: National Secularist Organizations MONTREAL, QUEBEC, Nov 11, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- The Canadian Secular Alliance (CSA), a national non-profit organization advancing church-state separation, has serious concerns with Quebec's Bill 60 Charter. "The CSA supports a more religiously-neutral provincial government in Quebec," said CSA President Greg Oliver. "But this bill fails to address the core instances of religious favouritism that still exist within the jurisdiction of the Quebec government." A secularism charter should end property tax exemptions for religious buildings, subsidies for private religious schools and direct funding of organizations whose sole purpose is to advance religion. The bill also includes a ban on wearing 'conspicuous' religious symbols for almost all state personnel. <br>More:

When Ottawa gives $25-billion shipbuilding contracts to a Halifax shipyard, a$5 billion comes from us.a aI say we would be better off to keep our taxes in Quebec and make our own choices, according to our priorities,a Marois said. aI sometimes hear people say that it is risky to achieve sovereignty,a she said. aI think that staying in Canada is risky.a But she also admitted later at a news conference that her minority government cannot call a new sovereignty referendum. And while sovereignty is the reason her Parti QuAbAcois exists, she would not commit to campaigning in favour of a new referendum in the next Quebec election. In her speech opening the mini-convention Saturday, Marois talked about building aa freer Quebec,a and said the first stage would be strengthening Quebec identity, an apparent reference to her governmentas Charter of Quebec Values. On Sunday Marois said athere is no linka between the charter and sovereignty, explaining instead that her aim in enforcing the neutrality of the Quebec state, by obliging the provinceas 600,000 public-sector employees to refrain from wearing religious signs, was to establish rules for aliving together better.a Marois said past debates on accommodating religious differences aalmost got out of hand,a accusing the Liberal government of Jean Charest of failing to act on the recommendations of its own Bouchard-Taylor commission to solve the problem. But both GArard Bouchard and Charles Taylor, the two co-commissioners, have condemned the PQas Bill 60, to enact the charter, as discriminatory, saying while the state should be neutral, public employees have the right to wear religious signs. <br>More:

Dead Obies speak their own language

The brothers are considered consumers in Quebec and as such, are protected under the province's Civil Code. "The conclusion of the trial judge that they are consumers is well-founded," the appeal court ruling reads. Lawyers for eBay have tried to argue the brothers do not benefit from that protection because they are akin to merchants. They also argued that a clause in the terms of agreement that users must accept when they join eBay clearly states any action against the company must take place in California. "But our opinion, and the Court of Appeal supported us, is that our clients are consumers and they have a protection in the Civil Code of Quebec," said Bruno Sasson, a lawyer representing the brothers. <br>More:

11, 2013 /CNW/ - Tania Longpre, the Parti Quebecois (PQ) candidate in the upcoming by-election in the riding of Viau, recently endorsed the removal of the word "Jewish" from the Jewish General Hospital of Montreal and the prohibition of circumcision. With the PQ already proposing in the name of an ill-conceived form of secularism to exclude visible religious minorities from working in the public service and from sitting in the National Assembly, the Jewish Community of Quebec is extremely disturbed and shocked that the PQ now has a candidate who supports the disappearance of Quebec's Jewish history and patrimony, and the prohibition for Jews to practice an ancient tradition at the heart of their identity. "If adopted, the Parti Quebecois' bill on secularism will result Kardashian in prohibiting Jewish doctors who wear a kippa from practicing in institutions other than in Jewish establishments. In doing so, the Parti Quebecois will force the Jewish General Hospital to return to its origins, as a haven for Jewish doctors looking to practice their profession - and this, only for a limited transitory period - read because other hospitals were closed off to them," declared Luciano G. Del Negro, Vice-President see page (Quebec) of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs. "Clearly, these discriminatory measures are still not enough to satisfy theircandidate inViau," he added. We call upon Madame Pauline Marois, the leader of the Parti Quebecois and Premier of all Quebecers, to call her candidate to order for this attack on Jewish identity and on the generosity provided by the community to the benefit of all Quebecers for many generations. <br>More:

"It also builds on Boeing's long-term, strategic partnership with Canada, supporting customers from aerospace and defense to clean energy, generating high-quality jobs, and making a difference in the community." Imad Hamad, RERs chief executive officer, added that "Because its not a dam, the turbines generate clean power without disrupting the river flow or the natural habitat. Numerous independent studies demonstrate that our technology has no negative impact on fish or other marine life." This agreement is the first commercial sale of this technology. RER, which has been testing a prototype in the river for more than three years, will build the turbines in its new manufacturing plant here, thus creating the world's first river hydrokinetic manufacturing base in Quebec. Boeing and RER signed an agreement last year giving Boeing exclusive rights to market and sell the turbines around the world. Boeing is providing program management, engineering, manufacturing, and supplier-management expertise, in addition to servicing the turbines. Boeing currently works with 40 suppliers in Quebec, contributing to the $1 billion in economic revenue Boeing generates annually across Canada. <br>More:

Jewish community calls on Quebec premier to call to order candidate for remarks on Jewish General Hospital

Jurists like giving bills long names that try to summarize everything in the bill. Thats the real reason. It was previously known as the Charter of Secularism. Under any name, the measure would ban all overt and conspicuous religious headgear worn by public sector employees, including hijabs, yarmulkes and Sikh turbans, as well as large crosses and crucifixes. It would affect civil servants, day care workers, nurses, teachers, doctors and others. The idea, according to the drafters of the bill, is to establish religious neutrality and gender equality in the public sector. <br>More:

Quebec’s secularism charter heads to lawmakers

Their collective odysseys from the South Shore, or aSud Salea (Dirty South), to the big city is at the heart of Montreal $udas message. It begins, as any concept album about that commute should, with the crew snarling about being stuck in traffic. The halfway point is a nearly eight-minute posse cut where each member gets a turn to address the audience, alike Annie Hall,a McCan says. There are party cuts, ruminations about suicide, a sample of a young Nathalie Petrowski espousing the need for Quebec bands to perform abroad, and a feral-punk frat boy send-up in album closer Tony Hawk. McCan admits the term post-rap is a Trojan horse designed to interest those who might be prejudiced against rap, but itas also in reference to how the five MCs trade abstract, inscrutable pop-culture-laden lines without regard for the standard 16-bar verse rule. aItas like post-punk. When punk happened, kids from the suburbs really identified with bands like the Ramones, but had no idea what it was like to shoot up at CBGBas. <br>More:

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